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Is your water CYA Smart™?

Cyanuric (CYA) acid over use in pools and spas complicates the maintenance and care of your water while making your swimming experience unsafe. The CYA Smart Alliance is taking this problem head on.

Let's Answer the Big Questions

Why do you want CYA Smart™ pool & spa water?

What is cyanuric (CYA) acid?

Also known as stabilizer or conditioner, cyanuric acid works to prevent the degradation of chlorine which occurs from sunlight in outdoor pools and spas. CYA forms a bond with chlorine in the water, protecting it from the suns’ UV rays to reduce chlorine loss. Without the presence of CYA in pool and spa water, direct sunlight can cause rapid decomposition of chlorine which leaves pool owners more susceptible to bacteria and microorganisms in the water.

Why is high CYA a problem?

When it comes to cyanuric acid, less is not more. If CYA is too high in your pool, it can:

  • Make your pool water unsafe
  • Put your family at risk
  • Cause algae growth
  • Makes chlorine less effective, decreasing its bacteria-killing power
  • Reduce the life expectancy and integrity of your pool’s plaster surfaces and cause costly repairs
  • Require you to waste water by draining and rebalancing your pool

How do I know CYA is a problem in my pool?

Cyanuric acid can quickly get out of control. Signs you're using too much CYA include:

  • Green Algae
  • Cloudy Water
  • Plaster Degradation
  • Purple Stains
  • Swimmers experience ear infections or gastrointestinal issues

Choose to be CYA Smart™

Why choose CYA Smart businesses?

The CYA Smart Alliance wants to give you better options. Members of the CYA Smart Alliance come from across the industry to provide a top to bottom collective agreement that better water is available and allow you to take advantage of it.

By choosing a business that has joined the CYA Smart Alliance, you reap the benefits. Members of the CYA Smart Alliance have committed to a better way forward for the industry, but also for you. 


Better Water Care

With the proper levels of CYA in pools and spas, maintaining balance will not only be beneficial for swimmers but easier for pool service professionals as well.



The right amount of CYA in the water enables proper residual levels with less draining and filling of your pool and spa.


Healthier Water

Overstabilization happens when cyanuric acid levels rise in pool and spa water to the point of diminishing returns. Your water will be resilient and able to keep up with bather loads for faster recovery and safer swimming.


Chemically Safe and Consistent

A swimmer has lowered exposure to excessive chemicals and enjoys a safer swim experience when we avoid overstabilization.

The CYA Smart Alliance

So, what are CYA Smart™ businesses?

We are pool industry leaders coming together to bring sanity back to your pool and spa care by addressing the proper use of cyanuric acid. We are taking action to improve water care and swimming for you through both promotion and action of proper CYA use in the water. Members of the CYA Smart Alliance are actively committing to healthier, easier and more sustainable pool and spa care. We are choosing a smarter way forward that will help simplify your life, as a pool or spa owner.


CYA Smart™ businesses give you the best water possible

The traditional pool care formulas of the past required large quantities of chlorine to sanitize the water and a stabilizer to protect that chlorine from the sun. But the more stabilizer you add, the more that cyanuric acid will build up in the pool and spa, and the more chlorine you’ll need to get the same effectiveness. It’s time the industry treats the water, not the chemicals. By adopting smarter methods, like non-stabilized chlorine offerings, we aim to significantly reduce over-stabilization and the problems that it brings to your pool and spa.

Participating companies

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