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Cyanuric Acid Facts and Information

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Known as a stabilizer, cyanuric acid works to prevent the degradation of chlorine which occurs from sunlight in outdoor pools. 

CYA forms a bond with chlorine in the pool, protecting it from the suns’ UV rays to reduce chlorine loss.

Without the presence of CYA in pool water, direct sunlight can cause rapid decomposition of chlorine which leaves pool owners more susceptible to bacteria and microorganisms in the water.

Smart Oxidation™ uses the most potent and safe methods to deliver oxidation to the water without adding more reliance on chemicals that inherently unbalance the water itself. AOP is a simple way to deliver additional oxidation to help traditional chemistry.

To improve any situation, change is required. Smart Oxidation™ allows for faster, simpler pools that can have the lowest levels of residual chemistry. It breaks the cycle of chlorinate → stabilize → over chlorinate → over stabilize.

AOP delivers the additional power required to allow for the low and slow delivery of chlorine. Smart Oxidation™, Smart CYA™, Smart Pools!

To maintain the correct amount of CYA in pools and spas, service professionals and pool owners can take advantage of multiple, highly effective options that simplify water management and water care. These alternatives include commercial bleach intended for pools, salt chlorinators which require the combination of pool salt, a controller and salt cell, or calcium hypochlorite (cal hypo) tablets.


Customers are demanding lower exposure to chemicals.  Smart Oxidation™ includes the combination of the best oxidizers used in the most effective manner. Oxidizing systems such as AOP enable lower amounts of chlorine by constantly proving oxidation and pair well with non-stabilized sources of chlorine to keep water clean, safe and healthy. In addition, customers using AOP and CYA Smart™ techniques reduce the need to drain their pool and their water will stay fresh and balanced longer. This new formula is a straight and easy path to a better more sustainable way to treat pool water and the swimmers. 

By joining the CYA Smart Alliance we are demonstrating our role as leaders and encouraging others to join and be on the smart side of the movement. We are here to teach and inform customers and the industry about a better, more sensible approach to pool care incorporating Smart CYA™ and Smart Oxidation™.

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