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Why Be CYA Smart?

We pledge to adhere to these four principles:

Better Water Care

Better water care comes from less, not more.


In pools and spas, sustainability means conserving water and energy.

Healthier Water

Healthy water is resilient and able to keep up with bather loads for faster recovery and safer swimming.

Chemically Safe and Consistent

Lowered exposure to excessive chemicals and enjoying a safer swim experience by avoiding overstabilization.

Who We are

We are industry leaders taking action to improve water care and swimming.

Members of the CYA Smart Alliance are actively committing to simpler pool and spa care, chemically safe and healthier water, and sustainability by saving water.

In joining this alliance, we are choosing a smarter, easier, way forward. Coupling Smart Oxidation™ with Smart CYA™ in pools and spas is the first step in our journey to a better industry.

It’s time we treat the water, not the chemicals.

In this age of health and sustainability, smart pool professionals have decided to proactively adopt a simpler more complete water care mentality.

The traditional water care formulas of the past required large quantities of chlorine to sanitize the water and a stabilizer to protect that chlorine from the sun. But the more stabilizer you add, the more that cyanuric acid will build up in the pool and spa, and the more chlorine you’ll need to get the same effectiveness.
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