Why Be CYA Smart™

The CYA Smart Alliance will provide the following benefits that lead to the best water quality for both industry professionals and consumers

 Better Water Care

Better water care comes from less, not more. High performance water allows for more effective sanitation and oxidation with the fastest responsiveness.

With the proper levels of CYA in pools and spas, maintaining balance will not only be beneficial for swimmers but easier for pool service professionals as well.



In pools and spas, sustainability means conserving water and energy. Since CYA does not dissolve in the water and instead accumulates, the only way to remove it is by draining the water.

The right amount of cyanuric acid in the water enables proper residual levels with less draining and filling of the pool and spa.  

Healthier Water

Overstabilization happens when cyanuric acid levels rise in pool and spa water to the point of diminishing returns. When CYA is over normal levels, chlorine becomes ineffective and no longer is able to fight microorganisms in the water causing gastrointestinal illnesses or worse.

Healthy water is resilient and able to keep up with bather loads for faster recovery and safer swimming.

Chemically Safe and Consistent

Most importantly, a swimmer has lowered exposure to excessive chemicals and enjoys a safer swim experience when we avoid overstabilization. Smart Oxidation™ in concert with Smart CYA™ levels, requires less additional chlorine and chemicals to maintain consistent levels. It’s as simple as that.

The power of Smart Oxidation™ with Smart CYA™ keeps water cleaner, crisper and better for every cannonball.